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Elegant Floral Design - Boston

Whether a glamourous New Year's Eve wedding at the Fairmont Copley Hotel, one at the trendy Liberty Hotel, an outdoor reception at the classic Charles Hotel in Cambridge, or a late autumn one in the old Boston elegance of the Harvard Club, Faxon designs reception flowers to welcome the guests and delight them with something gorgeous and unique.

A table is set with linens, glasses and plates to frame the wedding flower centerpiece arrangements. Her work is all about delighting the guests with different flowers to engage their 'fancy'. When you go to an art show, each sculpture, painting, or ceramic is different. So too, Faxon's work presents a delightful dynamic of multi-faceted wedding reception flower arrangements. For a couple who are artists, she introduced the idea of identifying the twelve tables with the names of their favorite artists. On their wedding day, each table was identified with both the name of an artist and one of his paintings. Faxon was given the freedom to interpret each painting as she wished. She refers to this as her "ideal" wedding job!