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faxon green Faxon's bouquets and arrangements are classic and contemporary; gracefully sculpted with a painterly elegance. Her work is personal and collaborative. Her clients visit the Boston Flower Market with her. Here they have a chance to see the flowers and foliage available to them. She 'coaxes' the spirit, aesthetic and desires of her clients - be they event planners or brides - to choose their favorite flowers.

It is the combination of gorgeous, pristine flowers uniquely arranged with vines, mosses, birch bark or copper that Faxon uses to create sumptuous, uniquely elegant floral designs. The distinctive synthesis of these natural elements reflect Faxon's exquisite signature.

Faxon the Artist

"As a naturalist, sculptor and painter, the draw to using the elements - earth air fire water wood metal - in my floral design work is effortless. The infinite beauty, variety and delight aroused when using these organic materials is rich. The elements are a language and expression both elegant and eco-friendly.

Working in the studio with flowers and foliage, I'm inspired by their unique shapes, textures, colors and perfumes. In some inexplicable way, they 'tell me' what to do with them. There is no imposition. Whatever happens in the vase, when I stand back with a sense of completion, I see how the flowers and foliage have influenced the design."